HYDROGENi will create a unique research and innovation hub that will strengthen society’s competence and capacity in H2 science engineering. It consists of four Research Areas (RA) and an Integrating Activity (IA). It also aims to educate 35 PhD students/postdoctoral researchers and over 100 MSc/BSc candidates.
Illustration showing the icons of the various research areas of HYDROGENi.

Cost-efficient and scalable production – Research area 1

This research area will enable cost-effective and large-scale H2 and NH3 production technologies.

Transport and storage – Research area 2

This research area will close important technology gaps to enable efficient transport and storage of H2 and H2 carriers in order to quickly introduce carbon-free energy-carrier concepts.

End-use technologies – Research area 3

This research area will develop H2 and NH3 technology solutions for use in otherwise hard-to-abate maritime and industrial sectors.

Safety and material integrity – Research area 4

This research area will develop critical knowledge on H2 and NH3 safety and material integrity in production, transport, storage and end use to reduce risk and increase end-user confidence and widespread uptake.

Enabling a sustainable hydrogen economy – Integrating activity

This integrating activity will consist of cross-cutting multidisciplinary work that bridges the research areas and selected industrial cases and applications by:
  • Establishing the methodological foundation for holistic assessments of the technical, economic, environmental, and social impacts of H2 value chains,
  • Performing feasibility case studies of H2 and NH3 value chains that demonstrate the potential for value creation in Norway and for export, and
  • Stimulating innovation based on research conducted in HYDROGENi and industrial uptake of new technology and solutions.


HYDROGENi aims to educate 35 PhD students/postdoctoral researchers and over 100 MSc/BSc candidates, who will enhance the Centre’s lasting impact by bringing their expertise to industry, government and academia, thereby enhancing the Centre’s lasting impact.

HYDROGENi will produce ground-breaking results and support the diffusion of knowledge and science through open-access publishing and deposition of scientific data.